2018 awards night

There was a very successful year in 2018 Doheny A.C. held its annual awards night over Christmas.  Niamh McCarthy won a track award for winning an all Ireland medal in the penthatlon as well as a Munster indoor medal for the 800 meters.  Keith McCarthy received an award for wining medals at he Munster b cross country and track and field.   There was a team award the boys U.10 team of Shane O’Connell, Alex Bramoulle, Sean Galvin and Eanna Hayes for winning county relay medals on the track as well as cross country.  Sammy O’Mahony won a country award wining medals at county and Munster.  Heather McCarthy won a track award with her highlight being all Ireland silver in the team 600 meters.  Gemma O’Mahony won a combined award with all Ireland in cross country and team 600 meters.  There was a cross country award for Alex Coughlan with a Munster championship win as well as medals at the all Ireland.  Maeve O’Neill was named athlete of the year after wining 800 meter and 1500 meter medals indoor and outdoor also winning the all Ireland schools 1500 meters, the Tailteann games and competing at the schools international.