County track and field

Doheny athletes achievements continued at the County track and field.  Keith McCarthy won a bronze medal when he was 3rd in the U.10  500m and Maeve O’Neill won the U.12 600m.
In the relays the strength of the club was demonstrated when 8 teams were fielded and for three of these teams to win medals was a fantastic result.  Boys U.9 team of Jack Hennigan, Jason Murray, Tim Bailey and Rory McCarthy were 3rd.  Girls U.9 team of Nina O’Donovan, Abbie Collins, Abbie McCarthy and Aoife Barry were 2nd.  Boys U.10 Patrick Collins, Sam Bailey, Jason Murray and Tim Bailey were 6th.  Girls U.10 team of Grace Nyhan, Abbie McCarthy, Abbie Collins and Nina O’Donovan were 7th.  Boys U.11 team of Shane Barry, Conor O’Sullivan, Adam Russell and Sam Bailey were 4th.  Girls U.11 team of Niamh McCarthy, Anna O’Mahony, Carrie McCarthy and Ava Murray were 6th.  Boys U.12 team of Oisin O’Sullivan, Evan Maguire, Joseph Bailey and Shey Pyatt were 7th.  Girls U.12 team of Niamh McCarthy, Margaret Collins, Anna O’Mahony and Maeve O’Neill were 2nd.  Boys U.13 team of Killian McCarthy, Jack McCarthy, Matthew Hillard and Adam O’Donovan were 5th.  Girls U.14 team of Theresa O’Sullivan, Mairead Crowley, Ciara Hurley, Megan Maguire and Aife O’Neill were 6th.