Relay Teams Selected for County Championship

The following are the relay teams selected to represent Doheny AC at the county championships on May 28th in CIT.  Training will take place at athletics training on Tue nights with further training to be decided.


U9:- Eanna Hayes, Shane O’Connell, Alex Bramoulle and Rory Twohig

U10:- Charlie Thompson, Darragh O’Mahony, Shane O’Connell and Donnacha Hennigan

U11 Team 1:- Alex Coughlan, Tim Bailey, Jason Murray and Ryan Collins

U11 Team 2:- Oisin Harrington, Rory McCarthy, Jack Hennigan and Charlie Thompson

U12 :- Sam Bailey, Keith McCarthy, Cillian Twohig and Alex Coughlan

U13:- Sam Bailey, Keith McCarthy, Matthew O’Mahony and Cillian Twohig

U14:- Evan Maguire, Joe Bailey, Shey Pyatt and Paul Barry

U15:- Evan Maguire, Liam O’Leary, Joe Bailey and Shey Pyatt.



No U9 or U10 Teams due to lack of numbers

U11:- Rhia McCarthy, Abbie McCarthy, Heather McCarthy and Isla McCarthy

U12:- Katie Crowley, Abbie McCarthy, Ciara Galvin and Ayla O’Connell

U13:- Niamh McCarthy, Katie Crowley, Carrie McCarthy and Anna O’Mahony

U14:- Maeve O’Neill, Mary Murphy, Niamh McCarthy and Ava O’Donovan

U15:- Aife O’Neill, Maeve O’Neill, Mary Murphy and Ava O’Donovan