Success at the county multi events .

The County Multi Events and Masters Track and Field were held in C.I.T on May 21st.  In multi events athletes compete in 5 events with points awarded depending on performance, 4 Doheny athletes won the gold medal.  Keith McCarthy won the U.12 boys and Ben Coughlan also competed.  Niamh McCarthy won the U.13 girls, Maeve O’Neill won the U.14 girls and Aife O’Neill also won the girls U.15.  There was a silver medal for Isla McCarthy in U.11 girls and for Joe Bailey in U.14 boys.  Alex Coughlan was 4th in U.11 boys and Rory McCarthy was 6th.  In the Masters competition Anna O’Neill won the 100 and 3000 meters and won silver in the 800 and 1500 meters.