Uneven-Age Cross Country Participants Sunday 14th Oct

The following are the participants in the county uneven-age cross country being held in Whites Cross on Sunday 14th October:-

U9 Boys :- Sammy O’Mahony

U9 Girls:- Grace Murray

U11 Boys:- Adam Barry, Liam O’Brien, Alex Bramoulle, Sean Galvin, Eanna Hayes, Shane O’Connell, Calvin O’Donoghue.

U11 Girls:- Gemma O’Mahony, Heather McCarthy, Emma Hurley, Cliona O’Brien.

U13 Boys:- Keith McCarthy, Alex Coughlan.

U15 Girls:- Maeve O’Neill.

U17 Girls:- Aife O’Neill.

Best of luck to all.

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