Doheny a.c. had a very sucessful day at the West Cork track and field in C.I.T. Keith McCarthy led the way wining gold in the u10 60m, 600m and lomg jump. Sam Baily also had a trebel with 1st in the turbo javelin, 2nd in the sprint and 3rd in the long jump. In girls u10 Grace Nyhan was 3rd in the 300m. Boys u12 Oisin o Sullivan was third in the 500m. In girls u12 Maeve O’Neill was first in the sprint and 600m. Margret Collins was 2nd in the 600m and third in the lomg jump. Other athletes to compete on the day ware Patrick Collins, Tim Baily, Shey pyett, Michael Keohane, Conor o Sullivan, Joe Bailey, Ava o Donovan, Peter Collins, Megan Maguire and Louise Kingston. Well done to all our competing athletes.